An Expert In Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine: Spotlight on Dr. Mark Myers

hyperbaric medicine | Arkansas Heart Hospital

Dr. Mark Myers is a board-certified general surgeon who for the last 20 years has limited his practice to the specialty of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Myers was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He attended undergraduate school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and medical school at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. He pursued a general surgery residency in Memphis, Tennessee. He was in the private practice of general surgery at Millard Henry in Russellville until 1997, when he suffered an out of facility cardiac arrest that was admirably cared for by Drs. Andrew Henry and Fred Meadors at Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock. After recuperating from this event, Dr. Myers returned to practice in Russellville. He retrained in hyperbaric medicine at ATMO, a hyperbaric facility located in San Antonio, Texas. His practice has been limited to wound care and hyperbaric medicine in Russellville for the last 15 years.

Dr. Myers relocated to Arkansas Heart Hospital Conway Wound Care and Hyperbaric Department three years ago. There, he uses his many years of experience, in wound care and surgery to help heal patients in the area that have difficult and problematic wounds and have not responded to typical wound care modalities.

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