Arkansas Heart Hospital delivers the best care in the state – not just for cardiac care, but for the complete patient experience. Don’t take our word for it, though. Take it from the patients, professionals and organizations who have said so.

World’s Best Hospitals — Newsweek 

Arkansas Heart Hospital is proud to be named among the 6 best US hospitals for cardiology by Newsweek and Statista’s World’s Best Hospitals list. This ranking is determined by a board of medical experts and based on the recommendation of medical professionals, patient surveys and performance against other medical-based criteria.

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Five-Star Rating — Center For Medicare and Medicaid 

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid rates more than 4,500 hospitals throughout the United States. We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to outstanding patient care for two years in a row – the only Arkansas hospital to achieve this status.

The star rating system incorporates data from a wide variety of quality measures, including safety, patient experience and other patient outcomes. Similar measures are grouped together into one of seven areas, and each of these groups is given a score. Weighted group scores are used to calculate a summary score, which determines the hospital star rating.

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Top 22 Patient-Recommended Hospitals in the U.S. — Becker’s Healthcare 

Based on a study that assessed patient satisfaction and likelihood of recommending a hospital, Becker’s Healthcare ranked Arkansas Heart Hospital among the Top 22 Patient-Recommended Hospitals in the U.S. To be included in the list, at least 93% of patients surveyed answered that they would definitely recommend the hospital.

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