Heart Summit

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in America, with Arkansas ranking among the top ten states. Methods used to identify, diagnose, and treat this population are advancing rapidly. It is the purpose of this conference to communicate such advances. Heart Summit seeks to provide tools, information and resources to educate and enhance the care and effective management of the cardiovascular patient.
The goal of the conference is to address identified clinical challenges, to update practitioners on the latest advances and best practices in cardiac care, and to assist practitioners in developing strategies to apply this knowledge to the diagnosis, treatment and/or referral of patients with Cardiovascular Disease.


Krysten Pilkington – Chest Pain 101

Donna Davis – Venus Thrombolism

Bruce Murphy – Pharmacology Update-Exercise is Medicine

Hannah Mitchell – 12 Lead EKGs in Acute and Emergent Situations

Eranesha Cochran- Food is Life

Patrick Stage – Evaluation of Palpitations

Christine Alongi – Expanded Indications CAD and PVD

Patti Hanson – Protected PCI

Rose Alfano – Improving Patient Experience

Beth Crowder – The Testosterone Quandry

Sydnie Moix – Outpatient Cardiology Centers

Amanda Cerino and Tiffany Parsons – Structural Heart Update

Barry Hall – Demonstration of Latest Wearable

Samuel Bledsoe – Bariatric Surgery Update


Gary Nash – Prehabilitation

Casey Atwood – Culinary Medicina

Wilson Wong – Traditional Chinese Medicine