Strong Hearts CHF Clinic

The Strong Hearts Clinic at Arkansas Heart Hospital is an outpatient program that offers a healthier, more convenient way to manage congestive heart failure (CHF). Located down the street from the hospital at Arkansas Heart Hospital Clinic, the program provides intensive individualized management of heart failure patients, especially after a hospitalization, through close monitoring of blood work and coordinating with the patient’s physician to manage medications that improve outcomes. Patients can also receive IV medication when needed for treatment of fluid overload. The Strong Hearts Clinic also emphasizes individualized dietary and lifestyle education for congestive heart failure patients and their families to maximize long term heart health and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

Through close individualized medical management and empowering patients with the knowledge to make necessary lifestyle changes, the Strong Hearts Clinic works to minimize the acute episodes associated with congestive heart failure and improve overall quality of life for every patient. Please call 501-978-8633 for more information.

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