What is MitraClip®?
MitraClip® is a minimally invasive percutaneous (through the groin instead of open heart surgery) procedure which helps patients who are at high-surgical risk for conventional open heart surgery for repair or replacement of leaky mitral valve. Symptoms from a significantly leaky mitral valve can be shortness of breath on exertion, fatigue or lower extremity swelling. Beside these lifestyle limiting symptoms, a significantly leaky mitral valve can also cause significant reduction in pumping function of the heart. It is very important that this leaky valve is treated in a timely manner as scar tissue may form in the walls of the heart and the changes may be irreversible.

How does it work?

The MitraClip® device is a small clip that attaches to your mitral valve. It treats mitral regurgitation by allowing your mitral valve to close more completely, helping to restore normal blood flow through your heart.

Results and Expectations

Patients usually come in on the day of the procedure and leave the hospital the next day as compared to longer recovery times with conventional open heart surgery. Patients can usually resume their daily regular activities a few days after the procedure. The symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue and lower extremity edema should improve significantly after this procedure.