Brenda Gilmore

After a major heart attack with shock, Brenda developed a  leaky mitral valve with symptoms of congestive heart failure. She was on continuous nasal oxygen and couldn’t do anything without experiencing shortness of breath. Because she was at high risk for conventional open heart surgery, she underwent a successful MitraClip® procedure to repair her leaky mitral valve. She was discharged the following day, has experienced a quick recovery and couldn’t be happier with her procedure and the care shown by her doctors and nurses. She’s experienced significant improvement in her energy levels, relief from shortness of breath and is off her oxygen.

John Mason Andres

Three hours after his Watchman procedure, Mr. Andres was out of bed, dressed and ready for his closeup. He was in great spirits, fully alert and visiting with friends and family. His condition, only hours after this procedure, is a great example of the benefits of our structural heart procedures. Our patients require shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery time and feel less pain than with open heart surgery. Most resume normal activities in just a few days.

Alice Humphries

Before her TAVR procedure, Mrs. Humphries had trouble getting around and was reliant on others to help her with simple daily tasks. After her procedure, everything changed. She was on her feet and celebrating at our structural heart celebration only three days after her procedure. And in addition to a quick recovery and improved strength, she also regained her independence. She doesn’t drive, but she now walks to the bus stop and uses public transportation to get around town, go shopping and buy groceries. She’s also a proud graduate of the Strong Hearts Rehabilitation Program.