Visitor Limitation

Visitor Policy

  • How many visitors am I allowed to have at the hospital? Hospital patients are allowed two visitors per day. We follow the “No Patient Left Behind” Act to ensure patients have the support they need, especially elderly patients and those with disabilities.
  • How many visitors am I allowed to have at the clinic? We ask for patients to come individually to their clinic visits unless impossible to do so for medical reasons. If necessary, up to two visitors will be allowed for the clinic visit.
  • Can children visit? Children 12 years and younger are not permitted in patient care areas and must stay in the lobby with an adult supervising at all times.
  • Can I have a visitor in the ER? You may have up to two visitors when coming to the ER.
  • What about pastoral visitors? To better accommodate spiritual needs and assist with healing, patients can have a visit from one clergy per day at the patient’s request.
  • What guidelines do visitors follow? Masks are optional for patients and visitors. For your health and safety, if visitors demonstrate any of the symptoms below, they will not be allowed to enter the building:
      • Fever, cough or runny nose
      • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
      • Sore throat, headache or feeling sick
      • Loss of taste or smell
      • Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours
      • Nausea or loss of appetite
      • Exposure to COVID-19 in the last 14 days

For your safety:

  • Masks are available for patients, visitors and employees.
  • Please be mindful of social distancing when in shared spaces like the café or lobby.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available for your use throughout the facility.
  • Enhanced environmental cleaning is in effect. You will see Support Services team members cleaning the lobby and other areas such as restrooms frequently.
  • All staff, care team, and visitors are expected to wash/sanitize their hands before and after entering a patient’s room. These hand-sanitizing stations may be inside your room or outside the door.

For questions, please see any member of the care team.