Courtney Goes from Wishing to Doing After Losing 120 Pounds with Weight loss Surgery

Korey before and after weight loss

Struggling with an extra 120 pounds, Courtney chose gastric sleeve surgery at the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute (BMI) at Arkansas Heart Hospital to help reverse high blood pressure, improve mental health and create memories with his family. Read his story.

Going Downhill

I struggled for many years trying to lose weight. I would lose it with extreme dieting or diet clinics, then gain it back. I got to a point where I just couldn’t lose weight and life was definitely going downhill.

Activities like family vacations would depress me. I was always tired and would try to avoid walking long distances. I couldn’t enjoy the things with my kids that I wanted to. I was past the weight limit or couldn’t safely fasten the safety belts for a lot of attractions, so I would spend a lot of time watching and wishing.

In public I always felt like people were judging my size. Clothes shopping was the worst because I couldn’t find anything that fit properly.

Nothing to Lose

After trying everything that I could to lose and maintain weight loss and developing high blood pressure, my wife mentioned the gastric sleeve procedure. At that point I had nothing to lose from scheduling a consultation at BMI with Dr. J.D. Fuller.

Dr. Fuller was kind and respectful. He made sure I understood my options and had a clear understanding of what results I should expect. He asked me how I would like to lose 100 pounds in a year. I thought, yeah, right. By the time I walked out he had convinced me. I decided that I was tired of struggling with it and began working on the steps to get approved for gastric sleeve surgery, which I had in July 2021.

Feeling Respected

The BMI team was unlike anything I’ve experienced at a clinic or hospital. They are better than whatever you think great is — no exaggeration. Everyone smiles and treats you with respect and goes out of their way to help if any issues arise.

Dr. Fuller and Courtney

No More Sidelines

I’ve lost 120 pounds, and my life is constantly improving. My blood pressure and snoring has improved, I feel more comfortable, have more energy and endurance, and can truly enjoy life.

The most important thing is I can keep up with my family and do and enjoy activities that I couldn’t. I like lifting weights, but I’ve also been able to jog, kayak and I’m trying to get into hiking.

The only regret I have about the surgery is not getting it sooner. It’s definitely a life-changing event.

Courtney after weight loss

Finding Community

BMI’s support is awesome, especially in the patient support group. You might feel a certain type of way, and someone will post that they went through the same thing. It’s always good to talk with someone going through what you’ve been through.

None of this would have been possible without the support of Dr. Fuller, my family and friends, and the patient support group. It’s a daily grind but I’m still working.

Take the First Step

I absolutely recommend BMI when people ask me about surgery. Why? From the moment I walked into the clinic everyone I spoke with and had contact with was extremely respectful. I didn’t feel judged or pressured. Even after the surgery they will be there for any questions and provide resources.

I would tell people who are on the fence that if they have been trying to lose weight and nothing else has worked, why not at least get in for a consultation and see what the options are.


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