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Can scary movies cause heart attacks?

Your heart is racing, your body is tense and you’re probably squeezing the arm of the person next to you. The villain is coming, but you don’t know when. Then, he strikes, and you jump!   For horror film enthusiasts, feeling fear is addictive. But can the intense, sudden fear brought by scary movies cause a heart attack?  When you get scared, you get a rush of adrenaline. Your heart rate increases, your blood pressure rises, and you may even experience chest pains. Is it…Read more

Stress-fighting food and nutrients

We are stressed, to put it mildly. Every day, information changes and our daily lives have come to a halt. Some of us are literally on the front lines and are experiencing stress that could not be imagined.  Many of us look to comfort foods to help relieve the heavy burden we are experiencing — not that this…Read more

“Squeezed” – Devotional with Chaplain Smith

Chaplain Shelby Smith served at a local church for 19 years before joining Arkansas Heart Hospital. Here, he has the opportunity to meet the spiritual needs of patients, their families and our staff. In addition to offering prayer and encouragement, Chaplain Shelby Smith shares a weekly devotional. This week, his devotional is titled, “Squeezed.” —…Read more