It Starts in the Classroom

“If you understand how something works, it becomes knowledge you own,” says Lynette Flynn, clinical educator at Arkansas Heart Hospital. With years of experience running a critical care unit, revamping our educational programs as well as training some of our top leadership and physicians, it’s evident Lynette knows what she’s talking about.  

Arkansas Heart Hospital (AHH) values education and professional development as powerful tools to keep us on the forefront of ever-changing medical technologies. That’s why we put some of our most experienced and knowledgeable minds at the helm of our education programs. One being Lynnette Flynn.  

“Healthcare is very dynamic with new research, medications, equipment and discoveries being made almost daily,” Flynn said. “As care providers in a cutting-edge facility, clinicians have to stay on top of it all. Education helps accomplish that. AHH provides a clear bright light that is focused on education as a core tool to ensure the excellent patient-focused care provided in our facilities is maintained and supported.” 

Flynn, along with quality trainer Jayne Lookadoo-Harrison and clinical trainer Robin Scott, have built and managed unique educational programs that promote the AHH team as leaders in cardiac care innovation, nurture our future healthcare leaders and sustain our culture of mentorship.  

Our keystone programs include: 

Patient Care Partner Residency Program 

Helping individuals who want to begin a career in the medical field, the PCP Residency Program requires no previous educational or work experience. Over several weeks, participants receive in-depth classroom instruction, led by seasoned team members. They also obtain invaluable bedside experience in our facilities. 

Participants complete regular clinical shifts under the guidance of our hospital’s registered nurses and current patient care partners, so they are equipped to perform a variety of complex duties from day one on the job. 

New Graduate Nurse Program 

Our 14-week new grad nursing program is designed to support the newly hired graduate and assist with transitioning to a competent professional. The residency program introduces the new graduate nurse to our patient-care model and is an overlay to orientation. 

This program walks them through from new grad novice level to competent critical care clinicians and provides a firm foundation to support their continued skill development,” Flynn said.  

Certification Courses  

Clinical career development is supported by providing expert level courses and study groups to guide team members through successful attainment of national certification exams, including the CCRN, RCIS, CNOR and CHFN. These certifications are followed with a monetary reward, which is the best in our region, through the duration that team members maintain their certification. 

At the heart of our education and professional development initiatives is a simple goal, Flynn explains.  

“My goal for our education program is to be a place of inquiry — a place where everyone feels safe to ask questions and explore the answers,” she said. “It’s a program that meets the basic knowledge needs of novice learners as well as stimulates the expert learners to seek deeper understanding.”  

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