How A Keep the Beat Heart Screening Saved This Man’s Life

Keep the Beat Heart Screening

When Randy’s wife bought him a Keep the Beat heart screening, it was meant to just be precautionary – Randy was perfectly healthy and showed no symptoms of heart disease. But what the screening found changed everything for him.

Arkansas Heart Hospital’s Keep the Beat program builds a nine-component cardiovascular risk profile that allows patients and doctors to determine appropriate next steps. Patients receive counseling from a qualified healthcare professional and educational materials related to the treatment and prevention of heart disease, catered directly to the findings of their testing.

Instead of gifting him with a nice dinner, Randy’s wife decided to purchase a Keep the Beat screening as a gift, to assess his risk for heart disease. His cardiovascular risk profile identified three blockages in his heart – this screening was a life-saving gift!

This came as a shock to both Randy and his wife, and he underwent triple bypass surgery to fix the blockages and prevent a heart attack. While this was never something he would’ve predicted, Randy feels grateful that Keep the Beat was able to identify his blockages before they became life-threatening.

Randy said “I think everybody should get it done, just to be on the safe side, whether they find anything wrong or not. If they go in there and find everything is clear, that’s great. But if they get in there and find you have a clot, you get it taken care of before you have a heart attack.”

Keep the Beat heart screenings are half off when purchased during the month of February, and can be redeemed at any point within the next year. These screenings are life-saving, even for patients with no visible symptoms of heart disease. To purchase a screening, click here.