We Have Heart Spotlight – Angela

Meet Angela. She began as an administrative assistant at Arkansas Heart in 2019 and soon moved to Progressive Cardiac Care Unit (PCCU) staffing coordinator, where she supports nurses and staff to enhance efficiency and patient care.

It was in this role that Angela connected with Kayla, who at the time was a patient care partner at Arkansas Heart. Kayla had been a nurse in Venezuela before moving to Arkansas. She dreamed of returning to a nursing career but struggled to navigate the complexities of gaining her licensure as an internationally trained nurse. Angela stepped in to help Kayla obtain and translate the necessary documents and guide her through the application process. Today, Angela is extending that passion and expertise to assist even more internationally trained nurses across Central Arkansas return to their calling.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to see the positive response from the Hispanic community,” she said. “They appreciate our efforts to reach out and acknowledge their potential in healthcare.”

Angela has another passion: baking. Her skills and creativity in the kitchen, which she developed as a young girl at her family’s cake decorating school in Peru, inspired her to open A&M Cake Designs LLC and even earned her a feature on Food Network.

“My clients are at the heart of my business, and it’s a joy to create amazing memories for them through my cakes,” she said.

Our exceptional team members are more than just experts in cardiac care—they are individuals with vibrant lives and passions that extend far beyond the walls of Arkansas Heart. Join us in celebrating and recognizing their dedication to our patients and their personal passions. After all, it’s not just about the hearts we care for; it’s the hearts of those who care.