We Have Heart Spotlight — Charlie, RN

Charlie, RN, is not the type to shy away from danger. In fact, you will find him running to some of the most desperate situations: fires and medical emergencies. With years of experience as both a firefighter and an EMT, Charlie’s instinct to save lives led him to nursing in a hospital setting.

He first arrived at Arkansas Heart as a nursing student to complete his clinicals. After graduation, he enrolled in the Arkansas Heart Hospital New Grad Nurse Program and then joined the nursing team in the Progressive Critical Care Unit (PCCU).

“I like the patients, my workers and management team,” he said. “My mission is to develop my knowledge and skills in a critical care setting and apply that experience in my day-to-day.”

Charlie’s devotion to his career, he also applies to his other passion: photography. Initially, he dipped his toe into photography to document his hikes and travels, activities that nourish his soul.

“My journey in photography started as my own personal diary, a way to disconnect and connect at the same time,” he said. “Working in healthcare led me to seek nature harder than ever before.”

He started small – just his phone. Eventually, he learned the ins and outs of a professional, mirror-less camera.

“I saw some neat things when I was out on the trails, and I started just taking pictures with my phone,” he said. “My first pictures were pretty bad, but I eventually figured out what worked and what didn’t and started getting compliments.”

You can find Charlie regularly on a remote hiking trail or even across the country capturing nature and wildlife in some of his favorite spots like Big Sur and Glacier National Park.

While he loves grand landscape shots, he expanded his skills to capture the details of everyday life.

“I like to showcase some of the smaller mundane things and turn them into something really beautiful.”

See Charlie’s work.

Our exceptional team members are more than just experts in cardiac care—they are individuals with vibrant lives and passions that extend far beyond the walls of Arkansas Heart. Join us in celebrating and recognizing their dedication to our patients and their personal passions. After all, it’s not just about the hearts we care for; it’s the hearts of those who care.