Exemplary Cardiac Care Helps Carol Survive 9 Heart Attacks, CAD

For years, Carol denied that she was having heart problems. Chest pain had her taking Aspirin and nitrate pills regularly, but she didn’t act until she had to call an ambulance.

“Eventually it gets to you, and you have to accept that you have a problem,” Carol said.

And she did have a problem: coronary artery disease (CAD).

Living with CAD, Carol was no stranger to cardiovascular emergencies. After suffering her third heart attack and receiving unsatisfactory care at a healthcare institution, she was rushed to Arkansas Heart Hospital (AHH). There she underwent a cath procedure, which revealed a severe blockage. Dr. Ian Cawich, a coronary and peripheral vascular interventionalist, performed an emergency stent.

“I’ve stuck with the Arkansas Heart Hospital ever since,” Carol said. “The care I received was first-class. The nurses there are a class unto themselves! The doctors always took the time to explain everything very well. And Chaplain Shelby is the sweetest man I’ve ever met.”

Over the years, Carol has lived through nine heart attacks and underwent a triple bypass and many stents at AHH. While it has tested her resolve, she has found exemplary care and support from the AHH team and interventional cardiologist, Dr. Daniel Sherbet.

“Dr. Sherbet has always taken his time with me and is kind,” she said. “I always trust him. There’s that strong trust there.”

Though Carol must take constant measures to manage CAD, she has lived an active life. Fishing, kayaking and reading are her favorite hobbies.

Carol has an important piece of advice: listen to your body.

“Whether you ignore it or not, it’s going to continue to tell you until you call an ambulance or drop dead,” she said. “So many people just ignore it, but I’ve gotten used to it and I know what will happen if I don’t pay attention to my body. If it tells me to call Dr. Sherbet’s office, then I’m calling Dr. Sherbet’s office.”

What is her second piece of advice? Choose AHH.

“If I have to call somebody in Little Rock, it’s going to be Arkansas Heart,” she said. “If I have to see someone in an emergency, it’s going to be Arkansas Heart. I’ve never had a bad experience there.”


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