Pamela Lost Over 75 lbs. and Gained Energy

“In 2010 I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Graves’ disease, which caused my thyroid to stop working. I also suffered with fibroid tumors and underwent years of treatment for endometriosis, which eventually led to a total hysterectomy in 2012.

During this time, I gained 80 pounds. The extra weight hurt my self-esteem and my joints, so I couldn’t do the things I used to, like dancing, working out and just enjoying life.

I also started having problems with my lower back and knees, and I had to get steroid injections in my left hip. I knew the steroids were not good and added to my weight gain. I eventually had a total hip replacement in 2021.

I tried everything I knew to do to lose weight with minimal results. I did Weight Watchers, Noom, HCG drops, Adipex, the keto diet and any other fad diet you could think of.

I decided to have bariatric surgery because my blood pressure was becoming unmanageable with medication. But the biggest factor for me having surgery was that I was afraid my next diagnosis would be diabetes. I lost my father, two sisters, nieces, nephews and other family members to this disease and I did not want to have to deal with that.

I underwent gastric sleeve surgery in January 2023, and had the most amazing experience with Dr. J.D. Fuller, bariatric and general surgeon, and his team. I had issues with my insurance in getting approval, but the patient liaisons were very knowledgeable and walked me through the process.

Since surgery, life is great and I feel like my old self again. I love going out and shopping for new clothes, and I like the reflection looking back at me. My husband is my biggest cheerleader, and it makes me smile to see that look in his eye that says, ‘That’s my wife. Doesn’t she look good?’ But the most important victory is being able to keep up with my grandkids.

I encourage others interested in surgery to do it! Do it to live and not for vanity. Take charge of your health if you want to live a full life free of all the medications and limitations due to excess weight. Do your research first because you really need to know the pros and cons. And if you decide to go forward with the surgery, be committed to a lifestyle change to live your best life.”

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