Tiffany Lost Over 115 lbs. and Gained Mobility

Tiffany’s lifelong struggle with weight, coupled with chronic back pain, persistent fatigue and restless nights, took a toll on her wellbeing. Then her world was upended when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which made her rely on a wheelchair.

At 280 pounds, she became determined to change the course of her life by exploring weight loss surgery options. She was encouraged by friends who went through bariatric surgery at the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute at Arkansas Heart Hospital, and decided it was the right place for her.

“I watched my friends be successful in losing and keep it off,” she said. “They used BMI and told me that it was the place to go. It’s phenomenal!”

She met with Dr. J.D. Fuller, bariatric and general surgeon, and the BMI team, and was filled with hope for the first time in years. She left her first appointment with a plan to move forward with gastric sleeve surgery.

“I was set up for success,” she said. “The dietitians and information provided are top-notch, and they are available through email and an app if I have any questions. The program is easy to follow because I have all the resources I need.”

After losing 116 pounds, Tiffany has regained her quality of life.

“I have multiple sclerosis and had three back surgeries,” she said. “Losing weight has helped my pain level so much! I no longer need a wheelchair all the time. I’m off four prescription medications…no high blood pressure, high heart rate or glucose medications. I have energy during the day, and I sleep great at night.”

With the encouragement of the Encore Medical Center and BMI teams, Tiffany found lasting weight loss, and finds fulfillment in encouraging others to take the first step to a better life, too.

“Everyone at Encore is fantastic – from Shelly when you walk in the door to every nurse, dietitian, APRN, office and cleaning staff,” she said. “If you’re on the fence about weight loss surgery, my advice is check out BMI…you won’t regret it!”

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