Wife Loses 120 Pounds With Bariatric Surgery, Surprises Military Husband WithTransformation

Casey before and after | Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Years of failed dieting, pills and exercise encouraged Casey to search for a solution to achieve a healthier weight. She found that with the help of gastric sleeve surgery. A year after surgery, she’s lost 120 pounds and found a new life with more energy and confidence. Read her story.

Searching for a Solution

I struggled with my weight most of my life. From about 15, I remember being the biggest girl in school and not having many friends because I was on the larger side. I didn’t have any health issues, but it affected my self-esteem.

I was tired of feeling like I didn’t deserve my husband. I was the biggest wife in my friend group, and I didn’t want to go out or interact with anyone because I felt like I didn’t measure up to them.

And most of all, I wanted to keep up with my girls. I wanted to run and play with them and teach them healthy habits.

Saying “Yes” to Herself

My family was skeptical at first about surgery and stressed to me that the surgery won’t work if I don’t put in the effort to make it work. But I knew it was something I wanted and needed for myself. Now that they have seen my dedication and the results, they are all so thrilled and supportive of the outcome. They even call me for healthy food options for themselves.

Weight Loss Surgery Process

My surgery was great. One thing I remember before surgery was Dr. Samuel Bledsoe coming in and praying over me, the team and the surgery. It was so calming and appreciated. I knew Dr. Bledsoe really cared and wanted me to succeed, and that special moment stood out to me. I felt comfortable with him from our first visit, and I think that’s very important.

A Sweet Reunion

My husband is in the military, and I had surgery while he was deployed for six months. During that time, I lost 110 pounds.

It was hard going through the weight loss process while he was gone. He and my family supported me, but it was a challenge because they were not with me every day. I wanted this process to work and to shock my husband when he got home, so I stuck it out.

When he was discharged and he came down the escalator at the airport, he didn’t recognize me. He just assumed it was me because of my red hair and that I was running to him.

Non-Scale Victories

After surgery, I don’t get winded as easily. Stairs and scales no longer scare me.

I was so surprised by the energy I found and the motivation to do things I had never before. I can go for a run with my husband. At my starting weight of 245 lbs., I never would have said, “let’s go for a run, babe.”

And one of the most meaningful victories to me is keeping up with my daughters. Now I can crawl around on the floor with them, toss them in the air and be their jungle gym.

No Regrets

If you want to change your life, I encourage you to do have the surgery. It completely changed my life. The recovery could be hard, but the team at the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute is there for you every step of the way. The weight loss journey is different for everyone, but I have no regrets. This gave me my life back.

Surgery is not a magic pill, though. To be truly successful, you must follow the bariatric lifestyle guidebook the dietitians give you. It helps you manage portions and give up the Oreos and chips. It was hard at first, but after two months, this new meal plan became normal to me. You don’t miss your old lifestyle, because you see the hard work that you are putting in paying off. If you dedicate yourself to the program, it will work.

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