2017 Year In Review

Welcome to Arkansas Heart Hospital’s 2017 Year in Review. This year marks a special milestone as we celebrate 20 years of providing quality care.

These pages reflect our culture, passion for patient care and tremendous human resources. They also introduce you to our award-winning cardiac and peripheral vascular programs, our mature structural heart success and our bariatric launch. We are pleased to present this information and more.

Arkansas Heart Hospital is a world-class facility built for patient-focused care. Here, patients have access to advanced technology and surgical techniques in a hospital specially designed for their treatment and recovery. From admission until discharge, we demonstrate patient commitment by valuing personal needs, comfort and convenience.

While this level of care helps contribute to Arkansas Heart Hospital’s success, patient experiences and outcomes are built on our strong foundation of values:

• Highest expectations in quality
• Excellence through innovation
• Accountability through ownership
• Resilience without compromise
• Teamwork with results

In the end, we are a family of professionals who treat each other – and our patients – as family. Arkansas Heart Hospital is a family hospital. Please help us celebrate our proud accomplishments.

I leave you with our new vision statement: To be a regional pioneer accomplished through disruptive motivations and successes that have changed the entire health care landscape and delivery for the good of our family and friends.


Dr. Bruce E. Murphy, Chief Executive

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