2018 Year In Review

Welcome to Arkansas Heart Hospital’s 2018 Year in Review.

Dear Arkansans,

We are pleased to write a review of what the many teams at Arkansas Heart Hospital accomplished in 2018. This small book is meant to highlight a few of our proudest and favorite moments. You will note it is not just a rendition of the number of procedures, patients seen or lives touched, but a display of what it’s like to be in our culture. Culture is a commonly over- used word; what I really mean is our family. We prize our family approach to medicine, life and doing the right thing for everyone we encounter.

Arkansas Heart Hospital also values a community approach which is ev- ident with our various events each year. The major ones are the fabulous Cardiac Classic bike ride, the unbelievably exciting Heart Summit and our sponsorship of the Festival of Wines. We’re also proud of our employee fo- cused events such as our spring picnic at Dickey-Stephens Park and the fun, playful and inspiring Arkansas Heart Hospital Christmas party.

Our list of disruptions in medicine continues. The biggest stars for 2018 are our new cardiac center and intensive cardiac rehab clinic in Russellville and breaking ground on our new hospital in Bryant, Encore Medical Center (currently under construction). Other favorites include our new Arkansas Heart Hospital garden and master gardener, our food truck and our contin- ued emphasis on the focus of exercise and food as medicine.

Our values haven’t changed and our mission is the same. However, our vision is expanding into new products for our family of patients, broader availability to our core abilities and an increase in our coverage of reach in Arkansas and beyond.

Thanks goes to the brilliant physicians and staff who continue to imple- ment use of their vast talents and make Arkansas a healthier place to be.

All my best,

Bruce E. Murphy, MD, PhD, FACC Chief Executive Officer

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