2019 Year In Review


Dear Arkansans,

I am very proud and honored to release this review of our activities in 2019. We, as a family, have had many highlights and many favorite moments.

As I reflect on our humble beginnings, I am struck by the exponential growth we have been blessed with. We began our journey in 1997 out of the overwhelming need for specialized cardiac care for Arkansans. Since then, we have seen growth in many different areas, including heart surgery. Though our footprint of clinics has not really changed significantly this year, we have, in fact, seen increased numbers of new patients with growth of about 15% year over year, as well as growth in the number of patients who need heart surgery. We are very proud and honored to be able to help so many souls.

One of our most significant accomplishments in 2019 was being designated a five-star hospital by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We are one of only 293 five-star hospitals in America, and one of only two five-star hospitals in Arkansas. We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to outstanding patient care.

This year, we proudly celebrated 20 years of Heart Summit. Our program this year had a special em- phasis on live cases from our cath lab and OR. All of them had spectacular outcomes and were delight- ful teaching tools. We also had a special emphasis at our Heart Summit on longevity, and had three separate speakers who are world experts come and give us their view of the future of human survival.

We additionally have had a strong interest in the use of hyperbaric medicine for alternative rejuve- nation of a variety of diseases. Many on our team traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel, in order to visit the Sagol Hyperbaric Center and also to attend the Baromedical Society annual meeting. Evidence there was overwhelmingly positive that the use of hyperbaric oxygen for neurocognitive function is present and it is our belief we will be heading in that direction in the near future as well.

I would also like to say that we are probably most proud of the preservation of our family values culture inside our hospital and 30 clinics. Nothing keeps us bound together and marching in the same stride as the culture we express to each other and to our patients.

I submit this review with thanks to the very brilliant physicians and staff who continue to use their energy and spirit to help in the healing of Arkansans.

All my best,

Bruce E. Murphy, MD, Ph.D., FACC Chief Executive Officer

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