A Special Approach to Cardiac Care

cardiac care

Your heart is special. It powers us through our most important moments, and takes care of our bodies at our lowest. It can soar or it can skip a beat. That’s why Arkansas Heart Hospital is dedicated entirely to taking care of it – and why your heart deserves specialized care.

What is special about our approach?

We know how critical a healthy heart is to a healthy body. It’s through our highest expectations in quality and excellence through innovation that we’re able to keep our patients’ hearts healthy for years to come. Here are a few more reasons why our approach is special: 

  • We’re among the first in the world to perform many procedures
  • We’ve been named among the world’s best hospitals
  • Our providers are recruited from around the world and each specializes in cardiac care, meaning that patients are receiving the most thorough expertise available
  • Our dedicated model of patient-focused care that centers around taking services to the patient rather than transporting a patient to various services

Everything about the patient experience at Arkansas Heart Hospital – from the team we assemble to the meals our patients eat – is chosen with the goal of delivering the highest quality of care. 

Want to learn more about our patient-centered, specialized cardiac care? Discover our wide range of cardiac care services or ask your primary care provider for a referral today. You can also sign up for our Keep the Beat heart screening today — it’s a quick, painless way to assess and develop your personalized cardiovascular risk profile.

Something this special deserves specialized care