BMI Patient Inspired by Wife’s Weight Loss Success: Timothy’s Story

Timothy shares his journey with the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute after being inspired by his wife’s own gastric bypass surgery at Arkansas Heart Hospital. 

“On and off through the years, I battled depression. And eating was always my go-to comfort. 

I had always been big but tried not to let it bother me that I was big. People commented on my size through the years, and it added up over time. Even while in the service, I was still considered overweight. 

Previously, I tried to get approved for surgery and it stalled out with insurance. The doctor was at a standstill.  

Inspired for change

I am newly remarried, and my amazing wife encouraged me indirectly by looking into and getting herself approved for gastric bypass surgery. I witnessed her success, and with her encouragement I attempted the approval process again.  

At that time, as an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure, sleep apnea and being overly obese, I met the requirements. One of my biggest drivers toward getting a sleeve gastrectomy has been that it can cure diabetes.  

Succeeding beyond the scale

Working with the team at Arkansas Heart Hospital Bariatric Metabolic Institute, we were able to get my approval and in March 2021, my procedure was done. I’m proud to announce I am completely off all diabetic medication, and all but one low dose blood pressure medication.  

I am using all the tools Dr. J.D. Fuller and his staff have given me, and I am succeeding. If at all, you think you could benefit from a similar procedure or are thinking of having it done, but are on the fence about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BMI. The staff is awesome, and the doctors are phenomenal.” 


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