Exercises for Bariatric Patients and Beginners

Exercises for Bariatric Patients

Exercise is crucial to successfully losing weight and then maintaining it. If you’ve had bariatric surgery or are new to exercising, it’s important to ease into an exercise routine that doesn’t cause more harm than good.

Our bariatric experts and physical trainers have compiled a list of exercises to keep you active in a safe way.

Walking: This is the first exercise you should start. A light walk for a few minutes 8-10 times per day is a great place to start developing your exercise routine. This is not too strenuous, and it will keep you active. After more time passes you can increase the length of time walking and decrease the number of times per day.

Swimming: Going for a light swim is another great way to exercise. If you’ve had bariatric surgery, make sure your surgeon has cleared you for water activities. Starting with a swim from one end of the pool to the other is a good way to begin. Rest in between laps to prevent fatigue.

Weightlifting: Building muscle mass after weight loss surgery or for those new to weights, can be made easier by utilizing dumbbells for light weightlifting exercises. Starting with two five-pound dumbbells at first will help your body adjust to lifting. Do not lift heavy weights until you speak with your surgeon.

Stationary Bike: Using a stationary bike can help your body with resistance training. Whether you have a stationary bike at home or use one at the gym, you can incorporate this into your exercise routine. It’s important to remember to start off with low resistance settings and a low speed, so that you don’t push your body too hard.

Yoga: To give your muscles a good stretch, beginner’s yoga is an effective exercise. Try after a few months have passed from surgery or right away for those starting a new routine. Yoga will help build your muscles while keeping you relaxed. You can try a beginner’s class or practice yoga at home with online videos.

Kickboxing: This exercise may be tried after some time has passed following your bariatric surgery. This helps build muscle and balance. Kickboxing is a great way to release any tension you may have while also being active. Make sure not to push your body too hard until you talk with your surgeon about when this workout is safe for you to try.

Listen to your body while exercising. If you feel pain, stop immediately. Do not try to work through it. Instead, choose exercises that do not irritate the affected area.

If you’ve tried and tried again to lose weight but find it always seems to come back, weight loss surgery may be for you. Permanent weight loss through diet and exercise alone can be impossible. But surgery, combined with changes in your lifestyle offers a way to lose weight, keep it off and restore your health. Start your weight loss journey today at bmi.arheart.com.

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