The Heart Screening That Saved Jewell’s Life (And Why You Should Schedule Your “Keep the Beat” Today)

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When Jewell and his brother came to Arkansas Heart Hospital for Keep the Beat heart screenings, they were simply precautionary. Jewell’s brother’s screening came back fine – but Jewell’s found several previously undetected health concerns.

“He got a good report and mine was terrible,” he remembers. He had a severe multi-vessel blockage, calling for medications and further testing. “I really wasn’t having any significant warning signs. Maybe very mild chest discomfort.”

To repair the blockage, Jewell underwent a heart catheter procedure with Dr. Wesley Lane, as well as a bypass with Dr. Mark Hardin. He continues to follow up with KTB, recently starting cardiac rehab and anticipating peripheral procedures for bilateral leg pain.

Stories like Jewell’s are exactly why Keep the Beat exists – to help patients prevent heart disease before it becomes a threat. Jewell is just 49 years old and says he wants to live a long life to share with his kids and grandkids. Keep the Beat has already helped him commit to a healthier lifestyle, with changes like tobacco cessation, a heart-healthy diet and daily walks.

“I drive over 200 miles weekly to do my rehab at the Heart Hospital clinic,” he said. “I do this because I have that much faith in the Heart Hospital staff! I hope to live longer now that I’ve had the procedure so that I can spend more time with my grandkids.”

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Keep the Beat is a heart screening and educational program provided only by Arkansas Heart Hospital. The screening builds a cardiovascular risk profile based on nine components, eliminating uncertainty and helping patients move forward with a healthier lifestyle and risk management resources. Click here to learn more or schedule your heart screening appointment.