About Arkansas Heart Hospital

Arkansas's best cardiologists

Arkansas Heart Hospital is a nationally recognized, award-winning hospital dedicated to preventing, diagnosing and treating cardiovascular and related diseases, with a focus on bariatrics, endocrinology and peripheral artery disease.

A training center for physicians from around the world, we offer advanced technology and the latest in health care services—all provided by Arkansas’s best cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons.

Arkansas Heart Hospital was the first heart hospital in Arkansas and only the second in the nation when it was established. Today, we operate two hospitals and 25 clinics across the state, providing world-class care close to home.

Our Approach to Patient Care

Our model of patient-focused care involves taking services to the patient. Every service possible is provided in the patient’s room rather than transporting the patient to the service. The result is improved continuity of care, minimized movement of the patient through the hospital, real-time testing results, a strong multidisciplinary team approach to cardiovascular care, and a higher level of commitment to patient and family education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a regional pioneer accomplished through disruptive motivations and successes that have changed the entire healthcare landscape and delivery for the good of our family and friends.

Our Mission

We delight and provide extraordinary care through:
  • Disruption of traditional treatment services that change processes & costs while challenging and stopping illness
  • Timely access to and relationship with providers
  • Accessibility to meaningful and actionable data
  • Timely access to follow up and results
  • Providing measurable quality outcomes for our family of patients
  • Innovative offerings, procedures, & methods
  • Empowering to live healthier lives

Our Values

Highest Expectations in Quality
Excellence through Innovation
Accountability through Ownership
Resilience without Compromise
Teamwork with Results