Introducing Encore – Arkansas Heart Hospital’s Second Act in World-Class Cardiac Care

World-Class Cardiac Care | Encore | Arkansas Heart Hospital

With the opening of Encore Medical Center, Arkansas Heart Hospital is making their world-class care more accessible than ever. Encore aims to help patients with obesity-related conditions who cannot be treated with medicine by providing world-class care in an all new, state of the art medical center.

While bariatric surgery will be Encore’s specialty, our team of experts will provide care that goes above and beyond for all kinds of heart health needs. With a full service emergency department, state of the art imaging and services aimed at making effective lifestyle changes, Encore adds up to happier patients and a healthier Arkansas.

Learn more about the Encore Medical Center and its offerings here. Also find out more about our Bariatric and Metabolic Institute and the best bariatric surgeons in Arkansas who help patients reach their weight loss goals.