5 Tips To Staying Healthy In The Holidays

Staying Healthy In The Holidays | Arkansas Heart Hospital
Written by: Shelby Pierceall, MS, RDN, LD

When it comes to big holiday meals, it may seem impossible to enjoy yourself without your waistline taking a hit. But it’s easier than you think to have a healthy holiday season! Here are five tips to staying healthy in the holidays:

1. Eat close to regular meal times

Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast. When you “save room” for holiday meals, you can end up overeating due to being extremely hungry. Have a small snack if a meal is going to be later than usual.

2. Offer to bring a healthy dish with you

You may not be able to control what will be served, but if you bring something along that you know will be a healthy choice for you, everyone will benefit!

3. Outsmart the buffet

Get a small plate of all your favorite foods and then move away from the table. For people who are watching their sugar and carbohydrate intake, have a small piece of your favorite dessert that only comes around once a year, satisfy your craving and be done.

4. Keep it moving!

Take a walk after your holiday meal with friends or family, whether it be around the neighborhood or downtown after a holiday celebration with co-workers.

5. Get plenty of sleep

Between holiday parties every weekend and preparing snacks for kids’ school parties, it’s easy to cut back on sleep during the holidays. According to the CDC, when you are sleep deprived, you tend to eat more. For people with diabetes, sleep deprivation can also make it harder to control blood sugar levels. Try to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep per night to help fight off mindless eating habits.

Most importantly, don’t lose sight of what the holiday season is all about – celebrating and spending time with those you love. If you do happen to “fall off the bandwagon,” know that tomorrow is a new day and jump back on! When your focus is on having fun, it’s less about the food, and more about taking time to slow down, recount your blessings from the year, and look forward to what next year has to offer.

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