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New Year Health Resolutions | Arkansas Heart Hospital

Your New Year Health Resolutions with Christine Alongi

When December rolls around, amid the hustle and bustle, we also tend to reflect on the end of the year and the new beginning that lies ahead. In setting goals for the new year, thoughts often drift to health and well-being. At Arkansas Heart Hospital, we want to provide you with tools for success through…Read more

Staying Healthy In The Holidays | Arkansas Heart Hospital

5 Tips To Staying Healthy In The Holidays

Written by: Shelby Pierceall, MS, RDN, LD Source: When it comes to big holiday meals, it may seem impossible to enjoy yourself without your waistline taking a hit. But it’s easier than you think to have a healthy holiday season! Here are five tips to staying healthy in the holidays: 1. Eat close to…Read more