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Venous Insufficiency | Arkansas Heart Hospital

Venous Insufficiency: What Are Your Aching Legs Telling You?

If your legs ache, swell or simply don’t feel right, they could be signaling a potential (but fixable) problem. Your veins take the nutrients you need from your blood and then recirculate it back to the heart to be reoxygenated. This system requires a pump in the calf muscle but mostly relies on a valve…Read more

Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy | Stay Cool This Summer

Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy: Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

In a typical Arkansas summer when the temperatures soar outside, we find comfort inside — in air conditioning, near a fan, at the pool or anywhere that can give us relief. However, bigger problems could lurk when we go back outside. Not acclimating to the heat and humidity or staying hydrated can have consequences on…Read more