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New Year Health Resolutions | Arkansas Heart Hospital

Your New Year Health Resolutions with Christine Alongi

When December rolls around, amid the hustle and bustle, we also tend to reflect on the end of the year and the new beginning that lies ahead. In setting goals for the new year, thoughts often drift to health and well-being. At Arkansas Heart Hospital, we want to provide you with tools for success through…Read more

How To Cope With Holiday Depression | Arkansas Heart Hospital

How To Cope With Holiday Depression and Anxiety with Dr. Urmi Jani

For some, the holidays are filled with joy and excitement. For others, the season can be filled with overwhelming stress and sadness. Arkansas Heart Hospital Psychologist Dr. Urmi Jani with the Bariatric Metabolic Institute offers tools to getting through the holidays and what to do if you suspect a loved one is dealing with holiday…Read more