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Heart Healthy Recipes: BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

We southerners love our barbecue! If you’re looking for heart healthy recipes for the summer or can no longer enjoy meat, try this recipe which mimics the flavors of barbecue pulled pork. Samantha Stewart, R.D. with our intensive cardiac rehabilitation program found this barbecue recipe made with jackfruit. Jackfruit comes from a jackfruit tree and…Read more

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Chef Mark’s Healthy Baked Beans Recipe

Chef Mark Elliotte is at it again in the StrongHearts kitchen, providing another great recommendation, this time a healthy baked beans recipe. Paired with his heart healthy barbecue sauce, it’s a perfect combination for any Independence Day celebration, family gathering or backyard bash!  Heart Healthy Baked Beans Ingredients (Serves 4) 16 ounces cooked great northern…Read more