Gastric Sleeve Surgery Helps Kelsi Become a Mother, Earn Pageant Title

Gastric sleeve surgery patient

Kelsi feared what seemed like inevitable health conditions. So, she took charge of her future with gastric sleeve surgery, became a mom and began participating in pageants. Read her story.

Getting Ahead of Health Conditions

I struggled with my weight my entire life being overweight from adolescence to mid-20s. Life was very depressing because I always kept to myself in fear of being made fun of because of my weight.

I chose to have gastric bypass surgery because heart disease, diabetes and strokes run in my family on both sides.

Ten out of Ten Experience

In December 2019, Dr. Samuel Bledsoe, bariatric and general surgeon, performed gastric bypass surgery. He and his team at the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute (BMI) provided a ten out of ten experience and the best care I have ever received in a hospital.

My experience with recovery has been a breeze. I quickly learned to listen to my body, and I haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

Life of Fun and Adventure

After surgery I lost a total of 157 lbs. Because of the surgery, I was able to get pregnant with my son. I am currently losing again and down 51 lbs. Life is fun, always an adventure and full of laughter. I am able to run around with my son and be on my feet all day without any pain.

I also started participating in pageants. I started off with small community pageants just to meet new friends and gain more confidence. I was nominated to represent Arkansas at the National Women of Achievement pageant in California. I currently hold a national title with the pure international system and will be competing at the international level in Florida.

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