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How To Cope With Holiday Depression | Arkansas Heart Hospital

How To Cope With Holiday Depression and Anxiety with Dr. Urmi Jani

For some, the holidays are filled with joy and excitement. For others, the season can be filled with overwhelming stress and sadness. Arkansas Heart Hospital Psychologist Dr. Urmi Jani with the Bariatric Metabolic Institute offers tools to getting through the holidays and what to do if you suspect a loved one is dealing with holiday…Read more

Healthy Fall Recipes | Arkansas Heart Hospital

Heart Healthy Fall Recipes: Hearty Turkey Chili and Guilt-Free Cornbread

Whether you’re watching football, enjoying time outside or starting your holiday decorating, nothing complements a great fall weekend like healthy fall recipes — so try our hearty turkey chili and guilt-free cornbread. Both are easy to make and sure to satisfy, and great for your heart health. Hearty Turkey Chili This hearty turkey chili recipe…Read more

Staying Healthy In The Holidays | Arkansas Heart Hospital

5 Tips To Staying Healthy In The Holidays

Written by: Shelby Pierceall, MS, RDN, LD Source: When it comes to big holiday meals, it may seem impossible to enjoy yourself without your waistline taking a hit. But it’s easier than you think to have a healthy holiday season! Here are five tips to staying healthy in the holidays: 1. Eat close to…Read more